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A Little Luxury

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Enjoy your stay in Stratford in a beautiful, fully restored Edwardian heritage home in the heart of Stratford.

Three freshly decorated guest rooms are high in design aesthetic, special touches and luxury amenities to ensure a relaxing and enjoyable stay.

Great days start with restful nights . . . .

"Exceptional, relaxing, lovely . . . WOW"

This heritage home has beenĀ  lovingly refurbished to ensure a aesthetically delightful, calm & relaxing stay.

Guest rooms, enclosed porches and sun decks have all receivedĀ  a design face lift in anticipation of your visit.

Enjoy a sumptuous breakfast at your own bistro table, for two, in the dining room or on the back deck under the sun shade.

Heritage, Location, Luxury and Care

"All you want as a human being is to feel cared for, at ARIEL's , we focus exactly on that"

We are rehearsed and ready for the ARIEL's 2023 production.

We can't wait to meet you or welcome you back!

Accepting bookings for the 2023 season.